About Us

Wexford Strawberries Borovalley Fruit Farm about us
Here at Borovalley fruit farm we have been producing delectable strawberries for nearly 40 years.Building the business from the foundations,Paddy used the knowledge and expertise passed on to him from his father,a pioneering strawberry grower,to develop Borovalley fruits into a showcase for the modern strawberry grower.

Of course behind every great man stands an even greater woman and Borovalley fruits is as much a testament to his wife Bridget. While Paddy labored with the earth and fruit, Bridget helped build the business and manage its expansion,together establishing a thriving local enterprise.

Their enthusiasm has undoubtedly been passed down to their son Martin and daughter Bridin who are actively involved,making it a genuine family run business.

Producing fresh Wexford Strawberries from April to mid-October, Borovalley’s legendary taste remains compromised.

“Succulent strawberries exploding with flavour”!!!!!