Strawberry Cheesecake

A very simple, delicious, no bake cheesecake.

What you’ll need:

175g crushed digestive biscuit
75g melted butter
1 225g tub Philadelphia cheese
1 135g Chivers strawberry jelly dissolved in 200ml boiling water
500ml cream
1 pk of fresh Wexford strawberries


Mix biscuit and butter and press over the base of a lined spring release cake tin
Chill while making the filling
Whip cheese and cooled strawberry jelly together
In a separate bowl whip cream with 2tbl spns caster sugar
Mix the contents of both bowls together folding in sliced strawberries (saving a few for decoration)
Pour into tin over chilled biscuit base and return to fridge
Chill for 3 hrs until set
Remove from tin and decorate with remaining strawberries, a sprig of fresh mint and a little piped cream if desired.