Baileys Strawberry Ring

What you’ll need:

1pk fresh Wexford Strawberries
250g Mascarpone cheese
100ml Baileys
200g icing sugar
500ml fresh cream
Gelatine to set 500ml (follow pk directions as brands vary)


Whip mascarpone, icing sugar and baileys together to form a smooth cream
Whip fresh cream in separate bowl and add to mixture
Then pour in cooled gelatine and mix well.
Pour into an oiled or cling film covered ring and refrigerate for 3hrs until set.
Turn out onto plate, fill centre with fresh Wexford strawberries + add a sprig of fresh mint.
A strawberry sauce can be poured over each serving – by blitzing some strawberries with a little baileys + icing sugar. (amounts depending on quantity, sweetness and consistency required)