Strawberry Chocolate Bombe

Strawberry Chocolate Bombe recipe
A simple no bake desert – just add a candle for a great birthday cake.

1 pk fresh Wexford strawberries
500ml fresh cream
1 135g Chivers strawberry jelly
Gataux raspberry swiss roll (shop baught)
200g Cadburys chocolate spread
100g chopped walnuts


Oil (or cover with cling film) a 7 inch pudding bowl
Slice the swiss roll as thinly as possible and line the entire interior of the bowl.
Disolve the jelly in 200ml boiling water
Whip the cream
Mix the cooled jelly, whipped cream + sliced strawberries and pour into bowl
Refrigerate to set – 3hrs
Place serving dish on top of bowl, turn over, give a gentle tap and remove bowl
Cover completely with chocolate. Sprinkle with walnuts + decorate with strawberries